April 24, 7:45 WBAI 99.5 fm. BN Aziz checks on our progress as American Muslims in the spotlight. Then her report from Lynne Stewart's April 22nd memorial in NYC:  Lynne, the Peoples' Lawyer. 

See Ramzy Baroud's assessment on how our Muslim community misuses celebrity Muslims as surrogates for their own stuggle.


Monday April 17 7:45 am, 99.5 fm on WBAI Radio, NYC. Why is there essential no anti-war movement in the USA? BNAziz raises this question with host MG Haskins, then offers her doubts about the authenticity of the US backed White Helmets, the award-winning.Syrian humanitarian agency.

April 10;  A critical look at media coverage of the US assault on Syria; and an update on ReclaimNY.

B. Nimri Aziz continues her weekly radio commentary on events around the globe and in the USA. Listen in at 99.5 fm, or online where we are livestreamed.


"We are more alike than we are different"

  Maya Angelou

March 8, Women's Day Radio Specials  10-11 am on WJFF Radio, 90.5 fm, and 11:am on WBAI, 99.5 New York: B. Nimri Aziz interviews director Amber Fares about her new film "Speed Sisters" --a profile of 5 Palestinian car racers. Orther segments are from 2009-2010 interviews with professional women in Damascus Syria, Nadia Khost and Nidaa Al-Islam.



As a Black writer, I was expected to accept the role of victim. That made it difficult in the beginning to be a writer.      James Baldwin

I often feel that there must have been something that I should’ve done that I didn’t do. But I can’t identify what it is that I didn’t do. That’s the first difficulty. And the second is, what makes you think you’re it?   

         Harry Belafonte, activist and singer at 89


It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble; It's what you know for sure that just ainst so.

Mark Twain


You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you.

Mary Tyler Moore


 You can’t defend Christianity by being against refugees and other religions

Pope Francis:


"I don't have to be what you want me to be". Muhammad Ali


"The Secret of Living Well and Longer: eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure"  attributed to Tibetan sources




Recent audio posts include interviews with Rumi interpreter Shahram Shiva, London-based author Aamer Hussein, South African Muslim scholar, professor Farid Esack, and Iraqi journalist Nermeen Al-Mufti's brief account of Kirkuk City history. Your comments on our blogs are always welcome.





Iraq, International Women's Day, 2003
by Barbara Nimri Aziz

March 8, 2003. International Women's Day!

So what? It's still war mode for Iraqi women as well as their sons and sisters, their fathers, their brothers and babies.

In Mosul, 400 km north of the Iraqi capital, it is a glorious spring day. How could a war be looming? How could thousands of tanks be lined up along three borders, ready to mow over us? Night rains nourished the gardens on the banks of the blue Tigris and soaked the wide open hills of sprouting green wheat. Miles and miles of rolling green fields. Serene. Spectacular. But nothing is comforting.

Everything appears so tender, so vulnerable. Here and there, we glimpse  emerging apricot blossoms, tender and white, behind walled yards in the old neighborhoods.

Friday. Family day. By noon, cars and minibuses filled with families and friends head out to the green hills around the city. Whether we are Christian, Muslim, Turkman, Kurd, Arab, Sunni, mothers spread plastic sheets over soft, sprouting wheat. Father and two sons pray on the nearby hillock. Car doors and trunks are opened wide to the spring air. Brothers and sisters sit look into the blue sky.

In the city, soda vendors wait for evening strollers beside their battered, rusty cooler of 7UP and Pepsi. They set out clusters of 3, 4, chairs along the corniche overlooking the Tigris.

Allah Yam-mak, Ya Dejli. Allah Yam-mak.

Day trippers at the ancient Nimrud site twenty kilometers beyond run their hands over the 3,600 year old cuneiform sentences that tell stories and record ancestral parades. The relief of the cuneiformed words is so fine and the edges so sharp, as if drilled only yesterday by a computerized machine, too precise for any modern hand.

“Yah, Iraq. How we love Iraq.”

What is more vulnerable, I ask, as I scan the streets of the city?

A truckload of black soldier's boots, whose cartons have split open, three soldiers sprawled on top, holding the load steady as the truck turns a corner?

A stack of 20 new plastic chairs set out for sale?

A 9 year old girl with eyeglasses wearing a yellow sweat suit, walking at dusk?

The scaffolding around the main gate of Nimrud where restoration continues?

Which will break before the other?

The glass windows of the university campus?

Maher Feisel who defended his MA thesis in French Literature yesterday?

(At the age of 11, in the 1991 war, he dreamed in French stories.)

What will be crushed first?

Palestine or Iraq?

The man polishing his new, orange Nissan taxi?

Or those soldiers digging pits in the open fields of wheat?

Families return home from their picnics to listen to the evening news. All fall silent. The UN Security Council is in session, on the "question" of Iraq. We hear the weapons inspectors ask for more time. Their words are studied but they do not quell the terror we feel in our hearts every moment under our spring Iraqi sky.

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With visible breath I am walking. A voice I am sending as I walk. In a sacred manner I am walking. With visible tracks I am walking. In a sacred manner I walk.    

- from Joseph Epes Brown's The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Sacred Rites of the Ogl

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